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Trust in the knowledge and expertise that comes from 34 years of flooring care and leadership. Masco Paint Mfg - MPM Performance Coatings offers the industry’s most complete and integrated floor-care solutions to help you create a cleaner, safer environment for employees, guests and customers. The goal is to help our customers minimize their maintenance and repair costs and still help them create a world-class impression that reflects their highest standards.


Resistant to punishing industrial traffic, Skydrol® hydraulic fluids, jet fuels and other industrial chemicals. Enhance and protect your concrete hangers floors while increasing overall light reflectivity. Hangers, maintenance, military, training centers, showrooms.

Decorative Flake & Quartz

Create a clean, safe and attractive facility with a textured and slip resistant broadcast surface or trowel finish. These floors achieve high performing and long lasting coating results, while maintaining the aesthetic value of your design. Project a quality image through decorative flake and quartz systems. Schools, universities, pharmaceuticals, automotive dealerships, museums, sporting facilities, supermarkets, convention centers, airports.

Commercial & Manufacturing

The key flooring considerations for maintenance and commercial facilities are abrasion resistance, and slip and fall prevention. Coating solutions from MPM Inc hold up well in most abusive, punishing manufacturing environments. Warehousing and distribution, loading docks, main traffic aisles, storage areas, assembly lines, loading docks, machine shops, retail outlets, airport concourses, hotel lobbies, clubhouse staging areas.

Institutional & Food Processing

Meat and poultry processing plants are good examples of solvent-sensitive environments requiring a coating solution. These applications must deliver bacteria free and thermal resistant qualities to meet all OSHA regulations. Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical facilities, cosmetic manufacturing, rendering plants, wine producing plants, locker rooms, pulp and paper, bottling, chemical storage facilities.

We represent the following quality flooring system manufacturers:

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